Recycling just 1% of the 4 million tons of municipal solid waste disposed of each year in the state can create 100 new jobs for Mississippians.

All Inclusive Monthly Subscription
$ 12.50
Curbside pickup every other Saturday (2 Total Pickups)
Three recycle bins included in the additional one time set up for you to keep! One for paper and cardboard, one for plastics and metals and the last bin for glass.

Your subscription will automatically renew.
If you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time after your initial subscription period. If you cancel during this period, your subscription will continue throughout the duration of the plan, but will not renew.
If you have Oxford City Recycling bins, please enter the code IHAVEBINS to receive a credit on your account for the set up fee that will be charged. This credit will be applied to your subscription payment(s).

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